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Cosmic Neighbour

Cosmic Neighbour

To welcome the Year of the Dragon, twin brothers Chris and Andrew Yee join hands once more in their graphically scintillating show, COSMIC NEIGHBOUR. Known for fearlessly crossing the bridge between traditional Chinese and contemporary Asian-Australian design and culture, the Yee brothers leave no stone unturned for all leaf and litter to be hybridised. Ancient mythology, Saturday morning cartoons, fantastical beasts and the latest in footwear, all swirl together in a collaborative storm of shining colours, exuberant ideation, and hyperpop aesthetics. Whether you’re from the west of the Pearl River Delta or west of the Red Rooster line, the Yee brothers invite you to link arms with a neighbour and reimagine the world together this Lunar New Year.

Chris Yee

Once a year the self proclaimed ‘Michael Bublé’ of Lunar New Year re-emerges from his cave answering commercial briefs and community projects with the sole mission to uncover what the changing Asian-Australian Identity really is. 

After working with evolving technologies and commercial practices over the last decade, Chris Yee finds himself intrigued by the artistic nuance in Suburban personalities. Bridging the gap between his hometown of Eastwood and inspired by recent travels overseas to Asia, he wishes to uncover the differences and similarities in between.

Chris celebrates the chaotic mess of thrift shops, logomania, graphic design and textiles to find his own cultural identity in 2024. Is it the same as his neighbour? And does he recognize himself in them?

Andrew Yee

While sitting around the kids’ table watching their favourite reruns of Super Sentai, six siblings witness a shining star slowly descend between them. A flash of light blinds them! They are each transformed into Cosmic Riders.

Andrew Yee’s work celebrates memories of gathering with extended family on Lunar New Year with a collection of hyperpop character designs, combining East-Asian iconography, mythology, 80’s and 90’s manga, and new millennium paraphernalia. Through a series of illustrations and sculptures, Yee positions his Cosmic Riders on the sprawling timeline of Chinese history—from Pangu to Paddy’s Markets, and beyond! Decked out in vivacious armour, sparkling eyes, and All-Terrain Crocs, his characters come alive to inspire childlike wonderment, joy, and excitement for the new year to come.