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'LANDMINDS' Chronicles of Hidden Places

'LANDMINDS' Chronicles of Hidden Places

- Opening Night, 9 Nov, 6-9pm -

The vast and diverse landscapes of Australia have always been a muse to many and to me, they whisper stories - ones that span time, legends, and the very fabric of what it means to be alive in such a wondrous place. In this exhibition, I have endeavored to capture the sublime, the moody, and the mysterious essences of the landscapes that have cradled and shaped our souls for generations.

Each stroke of my brush, every blend of pigment, seeks to evoke an emotion - a fleeting moment where light meets dark, where dreams blur with reality. The unpredictable beauty of Australia, from its rugged coastlines to its dense, whispering forests, has always held a dark, romantic charm that beckons to be captured on canvas.

I've always believed that art has the power to transport us to different realms. Through the muted tones, contrasting shadows, and the subtle play of light in my work, I wish to draw viewers into the world I see - a world where nature's ominous undertones converge with its magnificent tranquility. A world that's both dreamy and palpable.

The mists that frequently cloak our landscapes, especially during dawn and dusk, represent to me the transient nature  of life and memories. They serve as veils, obscuring what's familiar and revealing hidden truths. It's within these ethereal moments that I find the most profound inspiration.

My hope is that as you wander through this exhibition, you'll feel a connection to the land, its stories, and its eternal spirit. Perhaps, like me, you'll find solace in the dreamlike vistas, a resonance in the moody atmospheres, and a deep, stirring recognition of the romanticism that lies beneath the surface of our everyday lives.

To every observer: May you find a piece of your own story within these canvases. Dive deep, lose yourself in the mists, and let the land speak to you in its ageless tongue.

Thank you for joining me on this journey.

Sokquon Tran