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Tildy's Bonsai

Tildy's Bonsai

Tildys Bonsai and his family is from Hong Kong and he has been living in Australia for over 20 years. During the day, he is the COO of Pop This; the most awarded design agency in Australia for retail displays in Health & Beauty sector for the last decade, whilst also making Bonsai.
Being a Bonsai Artist holds great importance for Tildys Bonsai. He says, “Bonsai has always been a part of my culture due to my Asian background. I was introduced to this traditional Asian art by my father when I was young but did not actively pursue it until I became an adult. I have been practicing bonsai for the past 6 years and plan to continue learning about it for the rest of my life. As an industrial designer and co-owner of a busy, award-winning design agency in Sydney, bonsai helps me to destress and find a sense of balance amidst the fast-paced nature of my work. Furthermore, my background in design also helps me to apply my design principles and aesthetics to my bonsai creations.”
Tildys Bonsai aims to develop and craft more modern looking Bonsai with an Australian style in the future. Also, he will continue to study and improve his crafting skills as Bonsai is a life-time commitment for him.

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