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'In Motion' by MAILLOT

Blank Gallery is pleased to present our debut exhibition in collaboration with Sydney based boutique MAILLOT. 

MAILLOT's, "In Motion," an on-going collaborative series that celebrates and honours the extraordinary talents within our creative community. At its core, this project aims to extend our deep appreciation for artists while fostering cross-pollination across various art forms, with a particular focus on the intersection of fashion and other creative disciplines.

"In Motion" serves as a platform where artists from diverse backgrounds, including painters, sculptors, musicians, photographers, dancers, and more, are invited to showcase their exceptional abilities and unique perspectives. By embracing the inherent interconnectedness of art forms, we seek to create a vibrant tapestry of creativity that transcends boundaries and inspires both artists and audiences alike.

The project revolves around the concept of collaboration and mutual inspiration, providing a nurturing environment for artists to explore uncharted territories and experiment with new mediums. We firmly believe that by bridging the worlds of fashion and various creative fields, we can create a unique blend of styles, methods, and stories that will push the limits of artistic expression.
Through this project, we aim to provide a supportive platform for emerging and established artists alike, enabling them to reach new audiences, forge valuable connections, and elevate their artistic careers. By amplifying the voices of these talented individuals, we hope to inspire others to recognize the immense value of art and creativity in our society.

Ultimately, "In Motion" aspires to redefine traditional notions of art and fashion by embracing the limitless possibilities that arise when different art forms intersect. By supporting artists and their cross-disciplinary endeavors, we aim to ignite a powerful dialogue that transcends boundaries, nurtures innovation, and celebrates the boundless potential of artistic expression.
Join us as we embark on this transformative journey, where fashion and art intertwine, and where the visionary talents of our creative community can truly shine "In Motion."