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Billy Ryan

BILLY RYAN (Babekuhl) is an artist and film maker based in Sydney, Australia. Largely drawn to nature and its ability to connect us to a sense of wonder and imagination. His works aims to explore “the unseen” – the ethereal realm that surrounds us but we cannot always see. To visualise these hidden dimensions, Ryan employs the use of technology – a full spectrum camera – capable of capturing the natural environments via light waves which
are invisible to the human eye (infrared & Ultraviolet).

Approaching technology from an expressionistic perspective, Ryan employs it as a tool to reveal truths within our world and venture into the realm of dreams beyond our own. This
technology-enhanced perspective is hypnotic and alluring, rendering landscapes and environments that feel both intensely hyper-real and instantly familiar.

RYAN is a co-founder and a lead artist at Babekühl, a Darlinghurst based creative studio and new media arts collective.