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Leanne Xiu Williams

Leanne Xiu Williams lives and works on Gadigal land (Sydney). She is a self-taught painter and Art History graduate from the University of Sydney.

Through her artistic practice she explores themes of intimacy and nostalgia across a range of subjects, including still life, portraiture, and figuration Storytelling lies at the heart of her practice, and she has collaborated with many creatives including florists, ceramicists, designers, and illustrators.

Regardless of subject, she hopes to capture and evoke intimate moments in order to provoke contemplation and introspection.  By paying careful attention to the interplay of light and shadow she aims to create evocative tonal compositions reminiscent of memories or dreams experienced through a nostalgic lens.

She also takes inspiration from the narrative and sensory qualities of photography and film, and through her work she’s interested in uniting these qualities with the artistic traditions of representational oil painting to create contemporary ways of seeing.