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Yazuka Ruma

Yazuka Ruma

Yazuka Ruma Born in 1987.  Japan.

Since childhood, Yazuka Ruma has been interested in deformation, which is the basis of manga, and started drawing manga by making secondary creations of existing heroes and Kaijyu with various touches.

Following this practice, he was immersed in the four major elements of HIPHOP (graffiti, DJ, MC, breakdance) and was impressed by the spirituality of street culture and counterculture. Currently continuing as an MC, DJ, and track maker.

Yazuka Ruma began to create flyer design and live painting at friends' parties, etc., and started outputting works. He felt an affinity with sampling, which is indispensable for creating the sound of HIP HOP (a method of creating new original works by recording and combining records from other genres) and deformation, which he was good at drawing manga. Ruma come to reflect them in my own work.

The work exhibited is his current work inspired by the improvisation, energy, and record cover art of jazz, which has been used as a sampling source.

"From now on, I will continue to cherish the inspiration I receive from time to time, and continue to draw a picture that accompanies music while changing without sticking to it." - Yazuka Ruma