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'From the Studio'

Blank Gallery is pleased to share from December 28 - January 15, ‘From the Studio,’ a group show that seeks to embark on a captivating journey behind the closed doors of the Artist’s Studios. We invite you to explore a curated selection of works that have long lingered in the shadows of artists' studios, patiently awaiting their moment in the spotlight.

At Blank Gallery, we recognize that not every artwork ascends to the coveted 'Gallery' pedestal. Nevertheless, each piece serves as a vital stepping stone in the profound journey of artistic progress and development. ‘From the Studio’ seeks to unravel the mystique surrounding these concealed gems, providing a rare opportunity to showcase works that have, until now, remained veiled within the intimate confines of the artist's studio.

This exhibition seeks to transcend the traditional gallery experience, offering visitors an exclusive behind-the-scenes glimpse into the artistic process. By bringing these hidden treasures to the forefront, we aim to foster a deeper understanding of the intricate and often unseen facets of an artist's practice. ‘From the Studio’ allows viewers to witness the evolution of ideas, the experimentation with techniques, and the untold stories that breathe life into each creation.

'From the Studio

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