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Pei Kwang

Pei is a practicing artist living on Gadigal land, Australia. She has worked with a wide range
of commercial clients as well as has her work displayed at different art galleries. Pei’s work
has a strong focus on intricacies, colours, storytelling, and symbolism. Influenced by
traditional folk tales, Pei’s work often features characters and creatures in whimsical
settings. Another strong influence in Pei’s work is her Malaysian-Chinese upbringing.
Through her art, she enjoys exploring the unique and vibrant characteristics of South East
Asian culture.

For Blank Gallery’s ‘From the Studio’ group show, Pei will be showcasing work in the
preliminary sketch and final concept phase, that has never been shown publicly, until now.
Through this collection of artwork, the audience will get a glimpse into the intricate planning and detail involved in Pei’s art practice to make her final art pieces.