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"Good Fortune"

Blank Gallery is pleased to present “Good Fortune” a playful group show that aims to explore the cultural significance, symbolism, and artistic interpretations of the universal and charming symbol and motif of the lucky cat, also known as the Maneki-neko. This exhibition will bring together a diverse range of artists who will showcase their creativity through various mediums. By delving into the enigmatic world of the lucky cat, the exhibition aims to intrigue, inspire, and engage viewers in a delightful visual journey.

The lucky cat, with its raised paw and welcoming smile, is a beloved talisman in many cultures, symbolizing good luck, prosperity, and fortune. "Good Fortune" will delve into the rich symbolism and interpretations associated with this iconic figure, transcending cultural boundaries, and inviting artists to explore the themes of luck, abundance, protection, and the supernatural. Artists will be encouraged to reimagine the lucky cat, incorporating their unique perspectives, styles, and techniques into their artworks.

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Good Fortune

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